Ethereal Reverie


Photographer: Erin Scott

         Ethereal Reverie outlines the restless and delicate energy of the relationship between the human form and the garment. My collection is a study of how texture and the structure is the main force of the design process, recreating the balance of the existing and newer form. The layer technique creates both the fabric and form through smocking. The experimentation with free form of the made fabric allows it to breathe and express its fluidity.

          The collection is driven by the offered emptiness of the human body and my fascination with the textural structures occurring in both the natural and artificial world. The garments act as the second and moldable skin. They are the soft armour, holding our bodies creating invulnerable barriers between the inner and outer worlds.  Once simple, the structures and forms become complex. The dynamic relationship creates movement and rhythm which envelope the silhouettes.